Monitor your Tax Refund

Generally, the CRA issues your tax refund within 2 weeks after you file your return electronically or within 8 weeks if paper filed. Although sometimes it takes more time than usual due to some reasons like in depth review or some anomaly but there are different ways to check its status, which are as follows:

CRA My Account

Log in to your account by using whether your CRA ID or sign-in partner login. Sign-in partner login uses different financial institutions like banks and credit unions to access your account. When already logged on, the first page will show you if and when your return was received and processed, and when your refund will be issued.


This is an automated phone service by CRA which provides information about your income tax return, your refund amount and estimated date of receipt of refund. If using this service, you need to prepare your social insurance number, date of birth, and the total income entered on line 150 of your return.

CRA provides the phone number 1-800-959-1956 for telerefund.